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I agree with Dave... you should have made that call. If nothing else at least to protect yourself from what could have been a setup. For all you know someone on the cruise before you could have left drugs behind with an arrangement for them to be picked up during your cruise... who knows.

But on the other part of your story, the 2 deaths, while sad, that happening is probably not that unusual. Consider how many older people are on a given cruise ship with 3000 passengers. Then consider how many cruise ships are sailing about in a given week. THEN consider what the odds are that 2 people could pass on the same ship during the same cruise. The odds are not that great. The only thing odd is that the news reporter thought it was news worthy. Would that same story have made the news if it were the Atlantis resort and two people had died from heart attacks in a week? Probably not. But put it on a cruise ship and suddenly its news worthy for some reason.
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