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Default The SS Oceanic: Crew Members and Passengers
The SS Oceanic is such an interesting ship to read about because of its rich history as a passenger vessel that has served for four different companies. I want to know if there are crew members who has served onboard her while she was in service for the following companies:

1. Oceanic - Home Lines (1965-1986)
2. Big Red Boat 1 - Premier Cruises (1986-2000)
3. Oceanic - Pullmantur (2001-2009)
4. The Oceanic - The Peaceboat (2009 - Present)

In addition, I want to know about the stories of the passengers experience onboard the vessel. Especially from those who have sailed on her for Homes Lines, Premier, Pullmantur, and Peaceboat. What were your thoughts about the ship?

For those who have sailed onboard the Oceanic for all four shipping companies, were there any differences with the services and accommodations that you have noticed when you had booked a cruise on her for the Home Lines up to The Peaceboat?

Let me know of your first hand account about the SS Oceanic. Thank you!!!
Dan Lague
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