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Talking First Timer
I'm going to have to follow Sonny on this one and agree. Any of the Voyager Class Ships(Voyager, Adventure, Mariner (our favorite), and Explorer are great first time ships, and Sonny's advise on timing is spot on. Radience Class would be my #2 choice. We usually cruise in Sept since we find that the rates seem to decrease during those later months. Voyager class ships have ALMOST everything that the larger ships have, and can give you a great vacation with many options for things to do, places to go and see, etc. Assuming that the kids are split between the two families, I'd say you'd almost have to get a balcony cabin, just for space (a running theme here is DO NOT OVER PACK). An exterior ocean view cabin (port hole viewing) may have the same or close space (Sonny or Dave would know more about that). OUR first cruise on the Mariner was in a balcony cabin on deck nine, and we quickly became spoiled and now always book a balcony, or a Jr. Suite (slightly larger cabin with a tub in the bath, as opposed to just a shower in a balcony). Also, where do you want to go on your first cruise, Eastern or western or Southern Caribbean, Alaska, etc, and for how long? For my wife and I, the ship is the destination, so we prefer longer cruises with many "sea days" instead of many port days. Once you all decide where to go, based on what you like to do, let us know again, and we can help you move towards a cruise and ship you may prefer. And as always, we say that if you do one, you WILL be hooked!! Have a great Cruise!!

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