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Sorry Boneman.. I was busy this weekend our else I would have answered sooner. Cruise Fanatic is correct, we just sailed on the Conquest The first week of August. It was our second cruise on her (the first being in 2005 which we consider to have been our best cruise ever) and we had a wonderful time on both occasions.

Both the ship and crew are terrific and I unless you are going to be someone that gets uptight because you are sailing with Texans (the ship sails from Galveston, so a majority of the cruisers are from Texas) you will have a great time. Some do seem to be straight off the ranch, but in general, Texans are a very friendly bunch of people (at least until you treat them as inferior)

I don't know what negative things you have seen in the reviews but I assure you they are probably like Dave said, someone has a problem and therefore they look for some way to "stick it to Carnival"

Do you have anything in particular you were concerned with? If not, go with an only mind and don't sweat the small stuff and you will have a great cruise.
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