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WHO has paid for the cruise, you or your parents? If YOU have paid for it and have the reservation number, you can go on the RCCL web page, log in and click to the reservation page itself. One of the links on there will allow you to purchase certain items to be in the cabin when they arrive, like flowers, special robes (the HEAVY DUTY robes are VERY nice), candy or wine, etc. IF your parents paid for the cruise through a travel agent, who's name you know, you may be able to contact them and they can arrainge for the flowers. OR, if you know the reservation number, you can call RCCL customer service reps (look the the number on the web page) and maybe they can help. I have posted a lot of IF'S; Dave or SOnny or Cruise Critic should be able to give you more answers, or better answers. I know that on one of our cruises, I used the reservation page and ordered two of the heavy duty robes to be in the cabin for our anniversary cruise. Good Luck, and next time, book one for yourselves also!!!

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