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I do not like deep water either. However, I did try snorkeling. I wore a vest and I was amazed at how you float in salt water. It was amazing to see the fish and how clear the water is. I only made about 15 minutes before I saw the rope that held the boat in place and it looked like it was 100 feet long - I freaked out a little and swam back the boat. But it was still fun! I have also done the cave tubing. I was not afraid of the water because you have to wear a life jacket but it was so uncomfortable laying on the tubes - I would not do it again. The ruins sound interesting and that is what I would do if we go back to Belize. I would highly recommend planning your excursion in Belize with the cruise line. We went with an independent company to cave tube and we ran late coming back to the ship. We made it in time but all I could think about is if the bus (which was quite run down) broke down we would be - you know what. They kept joking that they would drive us to Cozumel - not funny. The bus ride is long and bumpy and not very scenic. Have fun!
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