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We have also seen this same post on another cruise site (and it was also this persons one and only post). On that other site just about everyone was suspicious about the validity of the post. We have spent a lot of time on cruise ships (more then 2 years) and have, indeed, seen some passengers thrown off ships. I do have a few thoughts. We find it interesting that a cruiser who claims he is Elite with X (we ourselves are Elite) has seen fit to only post a single message on at least two different boards. Most folks crusing long enough to get Elite status, and aware of the various cruise boards, would have previously posted something.

We personally know several Hotel Managers and they did not get to that level by mis-treating passengers. Hotel Managers generally take passenger complaints seriously (if they are valid complaints) and no how to ignore whiners and complaints with no merit. A serious violation of the Code of Conduct will almost always get the passenger a face-to-face warning. It is only when warnings are ignored do they consider taking more serious action. Having a "note taker" at a meeting would indicate that the issue had already become a major issue and the staff felt a need to document (in great detail) the warnings and discussion. Most mature folks know when its time to back-off and cut one's loses. This person obviously was unwilling to take a hint.

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