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Originally Posted by PC GUY View Post
On my last cruise (Carnival Dream) I noticed the quality of service was excellent, but the quantity of service had decreased from previous cruises.

- I never had an empty water glass in the dining room for more than 1 minute - sometimes it took as much as 5 minutes for a waiter to refill it
- It took much longer to clean our rooms than before

The cause was simple - the waiters and the room stewards were covering 3 times the territory than they used to. I gave them all an extra tip for being overworked

I had married into a Chinese family, and by a stroke of luck we were at sea for Chinese New Year. I had brought aboard a stack of "lucky envelopes" for tips and they all loved it.
This has been my observation as well on my last two cruises. I saw no difference in the standard of service quality - only the time it took to provide it. I can't make a judgement about the Stateroom service as I had Your Time Dining. The Steward asked me to put the "Cruisin' / Snoozin' sign on the door so he would know. In which I failed to do most often. My Stateroom was near the Aft elevator bank. Sometimes I would see the Steward all the way up the corridor near the Mid ship elevators. I was greeted by name and asked if I was going to dinner and if so he would go clean my cabin. The cabin was kept spotless despite my irregular dining times. I tipped extra the last night in an envelope. On debarkation morning, his last words were "God bless you, Mr. Dwayne".

How in the world they remember everyone's name I will never know.