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Originally Posted by Van Beach View Post
Our friends just got back from a cruise on the Ecstasy. The weather was very windy and the ship was something like 5 - 7 hours late leaving the port. (the ship was late coming back and then it had to be cleaned and loaded etc - which caused the delay). They had no idea the ship was going to be delayed.

We are leaving in two weeks on the Miracle. I was just wondering if there is any place to look to see if departures are on time? (like the airports have).
I don't know of any such place except the company's web site. In many cases the changes are caused by weather issues. It has been my experience that they will call if there is a delay for boarding, and/or email you. This happened this past May when the Fantasy was late arriving in Charleston due to a storm on her way back from Bermuda. Parking and Boarding were delayed until 1:30 PM to start. They called to let me know.