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I tend to think that having a note taker present may be Standard Operating Procedure. Sadly, in this day and age the cruise line have to always be on the defense. Case in point, In June 2010 I went on the Celebrity Infinity in Alaska. On the first day of the cruise before even sailing, a water pipe had broken in one hallway affecting a section of cabins. Par for course, you could hear people complaining and making comments. I anticipated there could be people on that cruise that may participate on this site and I visioned the horror stories.
I asked to talk to the Hotel Manager to get the true scoop of what exactly happened, did any people have to be moved, were they compensated? Upon entering the room to speak to the Hotel Manager there was another person present as a note taker. In my case, I simply wanted to get the facts on the incident in case there were any drive-by posters on this site with inaccurate stories. The Hotel Manager didn't know that though before I walked in the room, but yet there was a note taker. So I tend to think it's SOP, they are preparing for the worst.
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