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It's really all a matter of perspective how a person looks at something. ....I wouldn't consider gratuities in the nickel and diming category. Princess is a Premium cruise line and their profit margin isn't anywhere near what Regent cruise lines would be. Princess could hardly afford to offer free upgraded business airfare with their profit margin. Princess charges less for the cabin and makes it up on photos, casino, shore excursions, spa treatments, pay restaurants, and drinks. Those are all things that you "choose" and control how much you spend. Regent charges a high premium upfront and includes many of these items, and you're paying for them whether you use them or not. Price aside; the real distinction between these two cruise lines is the non-tangibles......the attentive service, the ambience, and the small ship feel. Luxury means different things to different people. It's about the value a person feels they receive. Luxury is a mind set.
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