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Interesting post...we almost detect some bitterness about Princess. The reality is that it's just business and cruise prices vary all over the place for almost any itinerary. We agree with the OPs philosophy of shopping around among the various options. Having cruised on 12 different lines we never get upset because one line has a better deal...(that is usually the one we book). All the mass-market lines (such as Princess) use "yield management" programs to maximize profits and prices (as well as amenities) simply depend on supply vs demand for specific cruises. And by the way, we saw the Marina this summer (docked next to us in Copenhagen) and ship looked magnificient. We are familiar with the Ocean Princess which is one of the old "R" ships of Renaissance (like the older Oceania ships) and as much as we enjoy those smaller ships we would probably pay a premium just to be on the new Marina.

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