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Sure, I will elaborate on this site, but will try to keep it brief. 1) Our cabin was never cool enough and my husband perspired the entire trip. The problem (and we explained this to maintenance) was that our balcony door would not latch properly, so all of the cool air was being sucked right out of the cracks around the door. We complained numerous times, but it was never resolved and the front desk folks seemed to have cared less.2) The wait staff at the pool area and bars were the rudest we've ever encountered. We had one person ask if we wanted a drink and at that time we did not, we told him maybe later. About an hour later we decided to move to another location on deck and once settled, ordered a drink from another person that came around. The first person made a special trip to our chairs and told us "You just took money out of my family's pocket." He stopped us another time as we were walking through the pool area to get to the restaurant and asked if we wanted to get that drink from him now and I will add that he did this in an aggressive type manner, not jokingly. There were others, especially in the photo area that were almost equally as rude (i.e., several staff members ran by us nearly knocking us down without so much as an excuse me or apology). The staff rarely smiled which was just not good. 3) In addition, to our room being very uncomfortable, the entire ship, but especially in the lido dining areas were extremely hot. We were always sweating while we ate. This has never been the case on any other ships we have been on. 4) The lines were way too long for the buffets because during peaks all lines were not open. I have never seen this on any other cruise. 5) The food was just okay, but the Mexican buffet was inedible. I heard many other complaints about it as well. One couple on the elevator asked us what we thought about it and they stated that they could not eat it as well. We skipped dinner that night in order to be hungry for it, and it was such a disappointment. 6) We were also disappointed that the overall appearance of the ship was very lacking. The ship's carpet was very dirty and the the tile around the hot tubs in the adult area were coming off and lying around on the ground. The television's are very old. It is time for this ship to be dry docked for a face lift.

I will let you know when I post a full review as I do have some good things to say as well. Our room steward was very good as well as the second set of dinner wait staff. We had to asked to be moved from our assigned dining table. Also, I'd like to say that we had a very good time being together and the weather was gorgeous as well as the water. The comedy club was very good too. Had some great laughs there.

It was just not overall what I expect for the kind of money we paid.