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A question for the moderators of this site: Do you see comments/issues like these on the other cruise line chats? In particular comments about the staff and their rudeness? This was our fifth cruise, our first was with NCL and I don't have another NCL to compare to, but I do know that out of the four Carnival cruises we have taken, none of them have even come close to the service from staff that NCL gave us. We only switched due to Carnival going out of Mobile and we could drive there and we can drive to New Orleans if we wanted to as well. So we decided to try to get our VIP status and stick to Carnival. With the airfare this year being so cheap we ended up flying to NO, and could probably get some reasonable fares to Orlando and leave out of Port Canaveral as well. So I would just like to know if you do hear those types of comments regarding staff on other cruise lines. I have never heard anything like that from guests when talking about Royal Caribbean, but RC is quite a bit pricier, so you should expect more all the way around. One guy told us he has cruised with all of them and he is going with the bigger better deal all the time, but we do not think that way. We are willing to pay more for better service and/or a better vessel. Thanks!!