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Thanks Dave! I know we are all going to have bad days, I know I do, but even then there is no place for rudeness. I can have a bad day w/o being rude to someone else. I was price comparing NCL, Carnival and Royal for a seven day cruise going out of same port, same week, about the same itinerary and Royal was $300 per person more expensive than NCL and Carnival. To me, that is quite a bit pricier. LOL!! But if their service is top notch, their food top notch and their vessel is top notch, I might be willing to pay that. I would have to research a lot more into it before I would though. Other than the Matrie'd, I did not hear you say that you have seen a lot of complaints from guests about rudeness on the other lines so I am going to take that as meaning you have not seen it.

As always, I value your and the other's input. Thank you!!