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Wow, I did not know that Royal had Broadway shows. That is impressive! All I ask for in a cruise is to have clean, nice surroundings and for equipment to work (don't want tile falling off and air not working). The food just has to be edible, which on this last cruise, the Mexican buffet and my beef straganof were not edible, but there are always other choices, so really the food is not even that big of deal to me. Most of all I want the staff waiting on me to be pleasant and NEVER rude. I don't think that is too much to ask for. I work too hard for my money so when I spend it on a vacation, I want it to be nice. Also, I know this is not Carnival's fault in any way, but the guests on this ship were also some of the rudest I have ever been around. Maybe it was because the ship was just not a good one and that in turn caused the guests to be grumpy too, but I never experienced this when sailing from Alabama.