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I have done all of my cruising on Carnival. We have never experience rudeness by an employee on carnival altho I am sure it happens. Carnival has certainly cut back on staff, and it was evident on my last cruise. No ones fook arrived at the sametime at our table, it seemed to arrive in shift, my sister and I got our food, 5 mins later the other some of the other people would get their food, it was not smooth at all. and we had assigned dining. it was a bit uncomfortable to be eating and the rest of the table had not gotten their food.
Our stateroom never got made up until late in the afternoon. I am not complaining, just telling how it is.
I dont really understand people complaining about a ships decor, it would not make or break my cruising experience.
I love cruising, would do it monthly if I could afford too, so dont think I am complaining, its just the way things seem to be going now adays.
But no matter how things end up, it is NEVER EVER an excuse for an employee to be rude. I can pretty much get over the other things but rudeness I dont forget!