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Originally Posted by macmom111 View Post
I dont really understand people complaining about a ships decor, it would not make or break my cruising experience.
Here is the way I see it about decor. I work my tail off keeping the place I live in tip top shape because I like cleanliness and I am a very visual person so I want everything to look good as well. I don't want to spend my vacations in a place that is not at least as good as where I live and would really like for it to be better because I want a week of luxury not just the same everyday life and I especially don't want it to be worse. While I understand that might not be important to one person, it is very important to me. I found that looking at rusty places on the balcony, tile falling off from around the hot tub (and I am not talking one or two tiles, I am talking 25+) and filthy carpets was not only what I am not accustomed to living in, but I certainly don't want to look at that on my vacation. I like top notch hotel rooms and I like my ships that way too I guess, but to each their own. LOL!!

Of course, when you look outside of the ship at God's creation, then you see nothing but beauty and that is what I am ultimately going to look at.

Mrs. Boneman (want to make sure that everyone knows this isn't my husband writing this because he could care less about the decor as well!)