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5. What do they charge per alcoholic drink?
6. What do they charge per beer?
HERE is a link to a Bar menu that was from earlier this year. The prices should still be mostly in that range with a few possible increases.

If you pre-paid the Gratuities you won't need to pay anyone more. The service crew's pay is mostly based on the Gratuities, so don't be surprised to find yourself wanting to give them extra for the extraordinary service. And of course, a cash tip is in order for Room Service. By all means keep some singles handy if you intend to use Room Service. The minimum tip for me is $2 for coffee and or tea and some danish. I tip more for larger orders. Don't fret none if you don't have any singles, just write the tip on the ticket and they'll charge it to your account.

The most important "must-pack" item is a good attitude, I call it my "cruise-attude". Keep an open mind and be patient while getting used to how things work on a cruise ship. You are getting ready to have the time of your life on a FUN SHIP.