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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
I know most people hate the idea of getting someone in trouble, but in the instance you encountered I would have asked to see someone in bar management and let them know what happened. If the server acted that way to you, then he probably did it to others.
I totally agree with you! The Management may not be aware this type of rude behavior is going on. I'm sure CCL doesn't approve of it. You have people from third world countries that may be new. So they realize the more drinks they serve the higher their gratuity count is. Maybe some of them don't know that this is unacceptable behavior. The person that made the rude comment to me I didn't report right away. I probably should have. I just had so many crew friends on the ship I didn't want to cause a stink. The date, time, and incident were all noted in the Survey. Along with the person's name.

How else are they going to know? Maybe by reporting them they can get some additional training is my thinking. This has been a rare experience for me on Carnival to be spoken to rudely, it has happened though and can put a damper on your cruise.