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Boneman and Mrs. Boneman, thank you for sharing your experience. I'm sorry that the cruise didn't live up to expectations, yet glad that you did have some good times while onboard. (The comedian's joke you referenced was hilarious!!!)

We've encountered rudeness twice, that I can recall. The most recent happened to be on of the photographers. I won't bother you all with the details. The short version is that after I declined, repeatedly, a hard sell of a photo album to go with a photograph I was buying, I was referred to as being cheap as I was turning down a bargain. Then--even worse, IMO--he turned to my husband and said, "Is she always like this?" Thankfully, there were other photographers on the ship, so I made my purchases through them from that point on. And, I also mentioned him by name in my comments.

The other time was on--believe it or not--Cunard. We were tag-teamed by our waiter and his assistant regarding the importance of tips. They interrupted our meal to do this well-rehearsed performance. This, too, went on the comment card.

Both were great cruises/crossings overall, and we didn't let these mar the trip (same as you). Still, it's hard to ignore it. Yet, how I loved our Carnival cruise from Mobile. We met such wonderful people, and have kept in touch with several of them.

Thanks again for your comments.
Happy cruising!