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Originally Posted by LisaP View Post
Yet, how I loved our Carnival cruise from Mobile. We met such wonderful people, and have kept in touch with several of them.

Thanks again for your comments.
Lisa, we too enjoyed our cruises from Mobile most of all. Very good cruises. I wish they had not closed that port. I too want to say that the waiter being rude did not ruin the trip as much as lack of air conditioning in our cabin and Carnival's lack of interest in fixing it. It was just hard to enjoy the cruise when you are hot all the time and the incredibly long buffet lines. There were a lot of folks on the ship that were rude, including a lot passengers, but I think that is just the times we are living in. I notice more and more rudeness at the grocery store, etc. People are stressed I guess as these are tough times we are living in. I am just very thankful that I can afford to go on a cruise as I know a lot of people cannot. I definitely will be cruising again next year, it just will not be on Carnival (although the Dream looks really good and I am halfway to obtaining VIP status LOL!). Oh well, I will just start over with another line, hopefully one of them will have something similar.