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There's a lot of factors that can go into the decision. It will be different for everyone. The length of the cruise and destination would be two factors. The price is a factor, but to some it may be more about the experience having a balcony brings, rather than just the cost of the balcony. Most of the newer ships are 80% balconies and the cost of balconies are more cost effective. The older ships don't have as many so you'll generally see higher cost for the ones they do have. Some people will say they don't spend any time in their room. I find the more I cruise that I do spend more time in my cabin just relaxing. A few weeks ago I sailed on the NCL Gem out of New York and I had a balcony cabin. We used the balcony for the sail away out of New York until after we had sailed past the Statue of Liberty. The cruise sailed to Port Canaveral and the Bahamas. We used the balcony for coffee in the morning and watching sunsets. When the ship was in port for eight hours or more we would use the balcony after coming back to the ship from port.
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