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Cruise Fanatic and I just returned from this cruise. I think CF will agree with me by saying 'Whoa! What a spectacular cruise!' Not just good bands but true legends of music would be playing at any given moment. How about standing in the Windjammer buffet for lunch and have Dusty Hill from ZZ Top walk up behind you to load up his plate? Happened to me. How about George Thorogood having an audience standing and cheering for 90 minutes? Edgar Winter playing Frankenstein and you are standing 5 feet away from him? It all happened on this cruise.

The only negative I had was getting popped for a random search by Customs at debarkation, and that was the ship's security that let me down with their crude handling of it. But I expect I'll get over it by tomorrow although I do want RCI to know about it so they can improve their process.