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Thank you all and Penny for sharing that with me; so happy to know that you are doing well.
Claire's surgery yesterday lasted 5 hours and so far we are getting positive feed back from the surgeon. His comment was "standard uneventful surgery" and did not see lymph nodes in the area that were suspicious. He said that she did well with the surgery and in the recovery unit. Moved to ICU for yesterday and hopefully will be moved to surgical ward tomorrow if all continues as is. We are hopeful that cancer was contained in the kidney and eureter that was removed and proceeding along those lines. Seems that her functions are working well at this point.
Prayers from the many friends and family have been so appreciated.
As far as next cruise; we are talking with family about a possible cruise in spring of 2013. Seems a long way out but it will give us something to look forward to.
Again, thank you all so much for being there.


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