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Cool Cash or Credit
Don't misunderstand- what I tried to say was that I always use cash to buy anything OFF of the ship. I always have at least two credit cards with me at all times JUST IN CASE I act dumb and miss the ship leaving; but for trinkets and other junk in the ports, I ONLY use cash. Granted, someone in your own country can spam your credit card just as easy, but why take the chance when in another country. I go by the rule; if the deal is too good to be true, it probably is just that. I don't buy diamonds, gold, etc., on a ship, nor in any other country where you don't KNOW the merchant. Much like another post on this site where they bought a worthless diamond, or the "Art Sales" that used to be on RCCL ships; buy at home where you know, or can VERIFY, the seller. If it seems really "cheap", it probably is.

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