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Default New cruiser leaving in 11 day with questions!

I know if I researched long enough I could probably come up with 100 answers to these questions but I feel overloaded with information and thought that i'd just post on here and ask everything that I am searching answers for. My boyfriend and I are cruising for the first time ever on Royal Caribbean majesty of the seas. We chose my time dining and am wondering if someone has recommendations on what dining times to choose? I wanted to get on the boat and see what the list of daily activities is before I made reservations. We usually eat around 6pm but I dont want to miss out on any activities on the ship. Do the activities/shows/bingo/themes nights usually happen later on in the evening so a 6pm dinner time wouldn't really interrupt them?

Also, we definately want to go snorkeling and aren't too sure which way to go about it. We will be in Cococay and Nassau and don't know if we should just bring our own snorkel equipment with us and do it on our own or buy an excursion. In Nassau we are considering doing the Rainbow Reef Snorkel Tour or the At your leisure snorking in Cococay. Both cost $29 and I am not even sure where it's better to snorkel either in Nassau or Cococay. I am nervous to prebook this excursion when I have no idea what the weather is even going to be like but they keep pushing that they will sell out. Would it be better just to venture out on our own and snorkel at the beach close to Atlantis that I heard people talking about? Do I actually have to pay for beach access/passes or are the beaches free and when you pay you are just getting a tour? Do we bring our own towels from home or just bring ones off the cruise ship to use on the beaches? Im also wondering what is one supposed to do with their purse is they book something like the Rainbow Reef snorkel tour? I am terrified of the water but my boyfriend is forcing me to try out snorkeling somewhere cool so I just want to make sure that If I book something its going to be worthwhile.

We are docking in Nassau at 1pm and will not be leaving until midnight that night. I wanted to venture out during the day and then after dinner go back out to a place like senor Frogs or something like that. Is it ok to go on and off the ship more than once, in the same port? As long as you make it back at least 30minutes before departing?

Any alcohol tips for when we are onboard so we don't get charged an arm and a leg? We are wine drinkers.

I heard to photocopy your passport and take that with you while you are in ports (leaving your originial locked up on the ship). Is this enough to get you on and off the boat?

They clearly state that no alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks should be brought on board but I read somewhere that packing a case of water isnt a big deal. Thoughts?

I'm also planning on just bringing US currency. Is there anything else that I should plan on bringing for the ports? Any cool restaurants/bars or beaches that you recommend in Key West, Nassau or Cococay?

We were also considering buying the package for the Aqua park/Waterslide in Cococay because it sounded fun but were wondering if anyone thought it was a waste on money?

Thank you soooo much for any tips that you may respond with! This is just a new experience for us and we want to be as prepared as we can. We leave in 11 days!

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