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HockeyFan, you're in for such a great time! Just a note that if the "19" in your name means you're 19 years old, I hope your boyfriend is at least 21, according to the cruise line's rules. If the 19 means something else, sorry!
You won't miss anything if you eat dinner around 6pm. The main show is done twice each evening, to make sure people who eat early and those who eat later all have a chance to see it. Activities go on all through the evening, so everyone can participate. You can reserve a dinner time each day, and also tell them if you prefer a table for 2, 4, 6 or 8. Or you can reserve the same time for each evening the first time you talk to them, or you can just go to the dining room when you get hungry each evening, and wait to be seated.
I'm not too familiar with snorkel tours, but you can bring your own equipment if you plan to do your own thing, or use the tour's equipment if you book a tour. Someone else should be able to make more specific comments about where is best to snorkel. The ship provides beach towels. Leave valuables behind and just take what you need for the day off the ship.
There are wine packages you can buy in advance that may save a few dollars over buying wine by the bottle. Here is some information about wine packages.
You can go on and off the ship as many times as you'd like in port.
Photocopying the picture page of your passport is a good idea. You must always take with you your ship's ID card as well. This card serves as your room key, your onboard credit card, and your boarding pass. When you check in for your cruise, you both will be issued your cards, which you will need each time you board the ship.
We encourage everyone to abide by the rules regarding not bringing bottles of anything onboard with you.
You just need US currency and a credit card. When you check in, they'll take your credit card information. At the end of the cruise, you do have the option of settling your bill in cash if you do not want the charges sent to your credit card company. You and your boyfriend can use separate credit cards if you want.

Have a great time! Come back and tell us how you enjoyed it.