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I brought my bride home last evening after the 6th day out from her surgery. I had to leave the room yesterday when the Dr. removed 47 staples. I was not ready quite yet to view her surgery but he counted as he removed so that I would know where he was in the process. They removed the last drain at that time and then the epidermal was taken out, Claire had some light supper and I took her home. I knew she was a strong person and has a high tolerance for pain and she beat the projected stay by 1 to 3 days. Dr. said that what the lab had for results was very good but there was one area that he wanted them to redo differently to rule out for sure that any cancer had penetrated the eureter.
Now she can get some needed sleep, pease and quiet and the love of her family to help her continue her recovery. She will see the Dr on 12/27 and he will remove the cath at that time.
I hope the weather stays snowless for a week or so and I can get her outside in the fresh New England air for a short walk when she is up to it.
Thanks so much for the strong positive thoughts and much appreciated prayers.


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