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Hi aeb,

We just returned from the Freedom a few weeks ago. It was in excellent shape and we had a great time. Im sure that you will as well!

We stayed the night before at the Residence Inn near the port so we opted to do a one way rental with Hertz. It was around $45 ($85 return) and the return center was in the same parking lot as the hotel. There are several options and many use a shuttle instead.

Labadee is one of our favorite stops. You can explore the entire Island (peninsula) on your own or ride on one of their open air trams. You can also take a five minute boat ride from the pier to Columbus Cove which is within RCCLs property. I think that they are providing this to make it easier for people to get to the other end of the property. The Adrenaline Beach side overlooking the zip line can be rocky and the water can get rough. However, the other side is calm with smooth sand everywhere.

I would stay within the gates in Falmouth unless you book an excursion through the ship.

I agree with Dave on the turtle farm for Grand Cayman. If you want something more relaxing you can grab a taxi to Royal Palms on Seven Mile Beach for a beach day. They have a restaurant, chairs, facilities, etc.

Weve gone to Playa Mia and Mr. Sanchos in the past and I think that we are going to give Paradise Beach a try in January. There is plenty of shopping near the pier and dollars/credit cards are accepted everywhere.

I recommend that you book your show times before your cruise. They started scanning sea pass cards at the entrances so it will save you some waiting in lines. Ive been booking shows that align with our meals and then if we change something up we just show up closer to the show start time when they allow additional people in.

Enjoy your cruise!
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