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Its hard to believe that three weeks have passed since my wife's surgery and she continues to do very well in her recovery. Tuesday was a milestone day for us. She had her three week follow up with the Dr. and the cath was removed and he checked her over to see how she was doing. The best news of all was the fact that the tumor was a T1 and that it had definitely been contained within the eureter and lower portion of the kidney. The Dr had ordered a second go around for the lab work as he wanted to insure that it was contained and had it done a different way to satisfy him. She will return in three month intervals for the next two years to check for any reoccurance in the bladder as this would be the most likely place if it were to happen. After the two years, the checkups are spread out a little through the 5th year.
Thank you all for your support and prayers during this very difficult time in our life as it is so much appreciated.


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