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I don't get this. Husband and I did a land/Sea package with Disney 2 years ago. We did land 1st. I purchased a travel mug at hotel was expensive (about $20 including tax) but you can get FREE refills. I brought mug on ship and ship did have a place where you could get free soda, lemonade and coffee. Can't remember if it was 24 hrs. They did offer cups. I did not see anyone else doing what I did..Nothing was ever said to me (as in to stop). I thought this concept was great. Of course didn't worry about mug during dinner. My memory must be shot cause I don't remember what I did during lunch. I know I did not use it a couple times during lunch.
I think Disney does change image on mug every year. Why can't ship do something like that? Sell the mugs for a set price and have a drink section(fountain)just for mug users and for people with stamps..Not really sure how that would work..Or just include soda/coffee etc in price of cruise

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