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Default Short review of Fantasy 12/30/2011
We arrived about 2PM in the parking lot after a fine brunch with the kids at The Husk in Charleston. Absolutly no line of cars, so much that I lost my way several times as we circled the lot twice to get to the overflow outside parking right back where we paid for parking. But it was quick. VIP check in on the ship was GREAT .

As usual we loved the shows even the ones we saw before. Our son in law had to sign off before the "Ticket to Ride" so he was just a guest. When the movie of the Beatles running around did not launch he was agast but could do nothing: it was in the hands of his replacements. However, if you had not seen it before you would not know it was wrong and the show went without a hitch after that. Also unknown to the general audience was the Dance Captain and Male dancer could not go on due to a back injury. Yet the performance was perfect, reblocked that afternoon, reheared and delivered to large audience applause. I really have to give credit to the cast for doing that so well.

One of our party needed to be gluten free and the dining room was very accomodating. They even had a gluten free chocolate pudding for her. it wasn't chocolate melting cake but was very good. Paul was our head waiter and he was very attentive. Food was the usual. In my opinion Good but not special. I was a little dissappointed with the Flat Iron Steak.

I reccomend the saunas. Always have and they are free. The sauna and steam evidently had been updated recently, they were beautiful. Very few people take advantage of them and when I went I needed to turn it on. Of couse it took nearly 30 minutes to get to a good sauna temperature. So I reccomend taking a sauna but go up early and push the button. I also took a massage. This is unusual for me as I think they are worthless on the ships. I do regular massage at home. However I currently have a torn cartiledge in my knee and need some muscle help frequently. I explained what I needed and the theorpist did modify the routine and gave me a quite acceptable work up. It was of course overpriced, but that is normal for a cruise ship. I give the Spa high marks this trip.

We hit a cold front coming back. We were notified that it could get rocky. Nice touch that way we could prep with some dramamine. I thank the captain for that. Getting off as a VIP was incredible. We went to the library and about 8 AM were collected and walked right off the ship. We had our luggage and our daughters summers stuff to bring back. 6 Big bags which we collected in the terminal. I got a Red Cap to help (His cap was more yellow but you know what I mean) He picked up our stuff walked us through customs in a specail line where we did not wait. Then asked where we were parked. We said outside and he suggested we just walk and he would roll his cart to our car. WOW. That was really nice. We walked out through the family pick up area right to our car. I won't say how big a tip I gave but it was substantial.

We stayed 2 days in Charleston. That was worth it too and I reccomend it. We did a horse carriage, a house tour, Ft Sumpter and ate at some fine places. Those in Charleston fighting against the cruise ships need to rethink what the ships are doing for that town.

Oh yea, it was New Years Eve. Celebration was fun. Confetti, balloons, atrium lights flashing up and down, bands, Champagne. It was nice

That's it for now

happy cruising

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