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Originally Posted by CruiseDad View Post
Just got back from 5 days on the Fantasy. 1 elegant night and I was pleased to see many people dressed elegant. I chose to go with Tuxedo as my wife suggested that over the Kilt. However I saw 2 other kilts and the singer is Scottish and is waiting for his to be delivered. i would have been in good company in my Full Battle Array.

more on the cruise later.
Hi Cruise Dad. I used to wear a kilt myself. I served 6 1/2 years in the Canadian Army Reserves - in a Highland Regiment. Our dress uniform was the Standard Canadian Forces Tan (Summer) or Green (Winter) Dress Jacket with the Mackenzie tartan kilt. Only the pipes and drums would be dressed in the "Full Highland Battle Array".

Take good care of your kilt and your grandchildren will inherit it. The one I was issued back in 1989 had been in my regiment since 1935.
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