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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
It is completely unacceptable to have that much of a lapse of time between drills. The U.S. Coast Guard would not allow it, but then the Concordia was sailing in Europe where local regulations appear to be taken as suggestions, such as traffic lights in Napoli.
SOLAS regulations apply in Europe as much as in any part of the world, and I'm dying to hear the reason why such pax drill has not been performed.

Seeing now the AIS tracks, it's a mystery to me why they sailed so close to shore. I'm sure this tragic accident will be used as a "case" in BRM courses in the future.

It annoys me as well how media keep going "How could this happen, with all the state of the art navigation equipment onboard" etc. We could put all the equipment in the world onboard - as long as they are being operated by humans this will continue to happen from time to time.

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