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Rojay...Keep careful track of your spending while onboard the ship.Liquor and softdrinks purchased on board will have an additional 15% gratuity added to the cost of each beverage. If you order a basic cocktail (i.e rum&Coke, whiskey&soda,gin&tonic) the cost will be reasonable.If You order fancy drinks or drinks of the day...ask for the beverage in a plain glass...else you will be paying extra for a souvenier glass! Requesting a glass of house wine is significantly less than requesting by label/vinyard!
Remember to allow for the daily gratuity which the Cruiseline will impose (it is a per passenger/per day rate).....Above some point during the cruise...stop by the Purser's Desk and get a printout of Your Tab to will help You to carefully monitor your spending and your expense planning!!

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