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We were on Freedom over New Years and the shows were first rate. RCCL has definitely "upped the bar" for entertainment. If you can pre-book tickets it's highly recommended. There are usually shows that complement both seatings. We actually didn't really need tickets but it sure makes it easier. The Ice Show is usually one of the best and harder to get into. Our cruise was 9 nights so there was a lot of entertainment. Don't know about 5 night cruises. Another observation, Med Cruises are exhausting as you spend a lot of time touring the ports. We found that time on the ship was more useful for resting up. You may find you aren't interested in the shows. We, too, did late seating and found, on our Med Cruise, that we pretty much ate dinner and headed for bed.
But it was one of the BEST cruises we ever did! Have a great time.
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