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Default Costa Changing My Port of Embarkment to a Different Country?? Need Advice
I booked my honeymoon cruise on the Costa Magica in June 2011 for a sail date of May 26th 2012. I just checked the Costa website and it seems that they pulled the Magica to cover the route of the sunken Concordia. I was originally supose to sail out of Le Havre (I prepaid for a non-refundable hotel, the cruise and roundtrip airfare from Chicago to Paris). Now Costa moved the NeoRomantica to cover the route of the Magica and changed the port of departure to Amsterdam instead of Le Havre without notifying me. It is now a 9 night cruise instead of 8 nights. I called Costa multiple times and they say that they "cannot comment" on this and that someone will contact me sometime before my cruise but they can not give me a date. I asked to speak to a supervisor and even they cannot comment. At this point I have no idea what to do. Is Costa known for resolving situations like this or should I just cut my loses and try to pull out? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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