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Dave, backing up your HD is excellent advice. That's something I am very lax about. I'll have to check out an external or a Mozy account.

Fredo, The Toshiba Satellite was my first choice and I had already made my mind up on it. When I got to the store I was upsold the Compaq, it was supposed to have a faster processor. It also has a full keyboard with the number pad, which is a plus for me. I would have to re-train my fingers using the Toshiba.

Penny, you just scared the dickens out of me! Whew! I just checked and I have SP3. I thought I had my work computer set up to auto download the updates, then I choose when to install. I was afraid I missed it. Every time I turn the new Vista laptop on it has a bunch of updates to download.

How much is Norton if you want to keep it after the free trial? I have CA Security that comes included with Roadrunner. So I was going to put it on it. However, it works quirky and doesn't update properly on my Dell Vista desktop. It runs smooth as silk on the XP desktop.