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Default Bremen and the Big U
Hey guys,

Hi, my name is OceanLinerFan (pretty self explainatory) and this is my first post.

I have always been a big fan of the ocean liners of the North Atlantic (not the cruise ships), and my favorite ships are the 1929 German liner Bremen and the 1952 American liner SS United States . They both were national symbols of pride and speed, with both ships holding the fabled "Blue Riband of the North Atlantic" during their careers.

Here is my question: If the SS Bremen and SS United States were to race transatlantic (provided that they would be limited to about 32 knots max speed), which liner would be the faster and more efficient??? Comparing the horsepower and speed values of the two ships, I can't come up with a definitive answer...can you guys help me???

This is to give me a design base for my new transatlantic liner I am designing for my home country of Canada, RMS Canada. I want her to be as efficient as possible. 32 knots I figured is a good cutoff as far as speed for modern ships is concerned (although there are plenty of modern ships that can go faster, at the expense of much higher fuel consumption).

Anyway, please reply and I will be back to comment.
"If the only flags we gave allegiance to were the houseflags of the Lines and the only battles fought were for the Blue Riband." ~ Nicholas T. Cairis

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