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This is the message my daughter received via Email two days before her cruise on 1/27/12... Important Updates - Royal Caribbean International

It will be interesting to see how RCCL handles this. My daughter had to book another night in the hotel she had booked the day before the original sailing date. She and her husband are not looking forward to spending another day in a hotel room rather than a day on the ship. Ironically, they are taking another couple along that have never been on a cruise. I took almost two years to convince this couple to go on a cruise with them. Hopefully, RCCL will reimburse them for the day lost out of their 10 day schedule. I'm sure there's probably about 3,000 other passengers with the same concerns--how do you change airline tickets or many hotel arrangements with a two day notice? Who gets stuck with all the extra cost?

On the positive side - they will still be on a 9 day cruise.
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