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thanks for the info. We haven't decided which cruise line yet. We are leaving 2 days before 4 different cruise lines will be leaving out of Seattle. We know which lines we didn't want to take so we found the dates that would allow us 4 different options. I know that sounds crazy, but we have been watching prices for the last 3 years and know that the price really goes down the last 3 weeks before sailing. Yea you don't get a suite or a great balcony, but we have had balconies and inside staterooms,, didn't matter much to us. If we could afford it , YES we would do balcony every time... but heck if we could afford it I"d get a! So.. what we do is buy our airfare now.. and wait to book our boat. Yes its our first trip to Alaska! We've sailed Celebrity, RCI, and Carnival. Won't ever sail Carnival again.. LOVE Celebrity and RCI..
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