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Default Lost Cruise Blues
I'm not really sure I like this one, but it could perhaps use a tune.

Lost Cruise Blues

I've got the ship's at the dock
And I can't find my passport blues,
(What a shame)
And I've saved all my dough
And packed all my clothes for the cruise.

Then I see all the passengers
Up on the decks, and the wave,
(That's too bad)
And I want to be there with them
Up by the pool, that I crave.

How I've marked all the days
And I've waited too long for this trip,
(Makes me weep)
But I'm stuck at the dock
And I'll never set foot on that ship.

So I'll just slink away and be stuck
With these sad lonely blues,
(Don't seem right)
And I'll never again be enticed
To sign up fior a cruise!
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