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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
I suggest you book shows online if you want a choice of seating times. Otherwise you have to take what's left, and some can sell out leaving people in a stand-by status. Some likely are already sold out for online bookings since they hold back a certain number of seats for those who want to wait and book aboard. They only hold back a small amount of seating for shipboard booking, unless online reservations didn't max out.

As for spa treatments - I've never heard of them being hard to book aboard the ship, and given how they push them from the moment you walk aboard I am sure you will be fine in waiting for those reservations.
Hi peerue,
itīs better to book the shows online, the earlier the better. For some fivethousand passengers on board there is not a free seat for everyone. W did it seven weeks before our cruise started and it was all perfect. Enjoy the "Oasis". We love this ship.
Greetings from Franconia
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