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Oh, I forgot, if you like hot and spicy, get some Bajan Pepper sauce while you're in Barbados. The regular is hot enough, I cannot imagine what the extra hot is like. It's so good, though, you become addicted even though you're mouth is on fire You can get it right at the terminal on the pier.

The reason I said an excursion is less expensive both there and St. Lucia is they charged me $85/US to go to both Folkstone and Pigeon Island (in the respective islands). They had an excursion for a pirate ship that went to Pigeon Island, they had 1 1/2 hours there, then sailed back to the port for $47/pp. It cost me $170 plus admission just to take a cab to Pigeon Island. Folkstone was just $170 round trip. The cab driver took us to a bar/restaurant near Folkstone and we snorkeled over there so we didn't have to pay the charge to get into the park.
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