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I wouldn't call 114 passengers (3.7 percent out of 3,078) and 59 crew (5 percent of 1,178) another major outbreak. Rather, they are wanting to kill the virus after two successive cruises where it impacted some passengers. Obviously last week's cruise had more of a problem with 364 passengers (11.73% of 3,103) and 30 crew (2.57% of 1,168) getting sick. Given the time of year and the cruise line, it is likely the passenger demographic leans to older people and that means people with less resistance to illness. Princess is doing the right thing.

Princess will end the current cruise of Crown Princess two days early in order to do a deep cleaning which will include soft items such as fabrics and cushions. All passengers will receive full refunds for the cruise, flights home, coverage of change fees if air was not booked through Princess, hotel accommodation if necessary, and a 25 percent future cruise credit.
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