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Hi Sandlynn, I have to agree with Penny on Aruba..If it is DePalm Island, they offer various types of packages. We did not find the self guided snorkel there to be very good. They also offered snuba and I wanted to do that but as having a prior heart attack, they would not allow. On Curacao we did a boat over the the sunken tug that was not far off shore and saw lots of fish of various colors...The waters in this area were very strong and it was a trek from our boat to the tug and back; a good work out. We did enjoy it though and we also enjoyed this island as it is nicer than Aruba and the ride to and from the snorkel trip gave us a nice look at the island. The swinging bridge is a hoot to watch and there are lots of food/fish vendors nearby to watch the locals display/purchase fresh items. Large assortment of stores to shop in the area as well.


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