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Angry Debit/Credit Card Users Beware!
We took an NCL cruise out of Miami On Dec 4th 2011. My husband used his debit card at 2 places in the Bayside marketplace. 1 at the Perfumeria and also at the ATM in the food court. Now I do not know if it is pure coincidental but on Feb 7 and 8 our Bank acct was completely drained and all charges were done in the Miami area to a tune of $2,400.00. Home Depot $750.00, Walmart $650.00+, Exxon $57.00, Walmart $300.00+ and 3 $200.00 ATM withdrawals. The bank informed us that there were several declines that we could not see on our acct. They also explained that this did not necessarily happen at the ATM or perfume store but could have happened at the c.c processing dept. It possibly could have happened here and sold to someone in Miami since these transactions happened 2 months after the card was used there. My gut says it happened in Miami. My husband almost never uses this card and when he does they are very small charges like a haircut or a couple groceries or maybe a bite to eat but never large purchases. This is just a warning to any cruisers who visit the Bayside Marketplace to be cautious with your cards. Sometimes I hate all the technology we have today. It has allowed these lowlifes to steal our identities and live off their pay dirt. Sad thing is most cc companies write it off saying it costs to much to pursue them.
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