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Penny, I think that is probably what happened though I do try to check to see if there is a skimmer. I really think that is where it happened though friends and family think that is just a coincidence and that it actually happened here as they do not feel it would take 2 months for them to use the card. I think I read somewhere a long time ago where they will wait 30-60 days before using the fake card. If not that then I do believe it was in the company that processes the transactions. My daughter-in-law had an attempt on her card but the bank caught it the next day. They were visiting us from London and we went to Las Vegas. She used the card once there at a restaurant where they run the card in front of her at the register and then once at Outback Steakhouse here in the Dallas area. That time the card was out of site. The next day her bank called to say an attempt was made to use a false card at an ATM but it did not go through. They refused to say in which state the bogus card was used. They said that there are servers that are in on a credit card ring where they write down the info and then sell it. I think it should be mandatory that all restaurants process credit cards at the table in plain site of the card holder. All I did was use the card to do a balance inquiry since we forgot to do it before we left home and that may have caused all this mess. The good thing though is they put the money back in our acct within 1 hr and faxed us the paperwork for my husband to sign since we are in TX and our bank is in NM.
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