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Default questions about a transatlantic cruise
ok so ive never done a cruise but im going to be in rome in november, and i saw the day i planned on leaving there a transatlantic cruise leaveing that day. so i have a few question i was hoping you could answer.

1. besides ticket price, how much money do i need for the cruise (i dont drink) 14day cruise.

2. i see they have tours at a few ports but i would prefer to go it alone, do they let you do that? and is there a charge for it?

3. im going alone, lol but they want me to pay double, anyway around that?

4. any idea how the seas are that time a year? (kinda hoping rough at some point) lol

5. do i have to wear a suit or what not at times? or are plain clothes good?

6. do the transatlantic cruises sell out fast or are they empty? if they sell fast how far in advance should i buy?

ty for all your help, my main concern at the moment is how much spending money do i need per day so i can get my travel budget set
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